"We want each player to take something unique and personal from GRIS"

"We want each player to take something unique and personal from GRIS"


There are games and there are Games - unique titles, which are detailed, delight user and are talked for a long time. And everything seems that GRIS will be such title.

GRIS is a debut game from Spanish Nomada Studio. Founders of this studio have years of experience by working for big developers (such as Ubisoft and Square Enix) in triple A games. Their game tells the story of a young girl, who tries to cope with painful experinece from the past. Her journey through pain and sadness reflects her dress in which our heroine will find new ways of moving around a colorless world. According to developers the game is free from dangers and frustrations associated with difficulty level. Instead the game focus on exploring a polished world.

A glance at the screenshots or gameplay movie is enough to state that we are dealing here with a game that promises to be an interesting and unique production. Incredible graphics, atmospheric music and that hard to specific “thing” that you can feel even when watching 15-minute gameplay movie confirms me only in belief that when the player will start the game, he will not just play GRIS - he will be experiencing this game.

When I’m interested in the game before release day, usually I’m trying to get in touch with developer to get more news. This way for example I know, that soundtrack from GRIS will be available to buy alongside game release. I also manged to persuade creators of GRIS for a small interview. One of the founders of Nomada Studio - Conrad Roset, who is also the originator of the game, answered to my questions.

Thank you for finding time for me, especially when you are just few days before the game release. Can you tell a little bit about the team that is working on GRIS?

Sure! We founded Nomada as three people: Roger and Adrián, who are programmers with years of experience in triple A productions and play the part of producers, HR, etc. and Conrad (that's me!), who comes from the world of illustration and has been the creative director. However along the way, we have worked in the studio with many people, from artists to programmers and even a psychologist! We are quite happy with how many people from different fields have worked in GRIS development!

How long you are working on this title?

We started working on GRIS in 2016. However the concept was in my mind from a while before.

There is a very positive buzz around GRIS. Are you surprised by it?

We are really excited with the great reception GRIS is getting. We couldn't have hoped for a better response!

Every time I play a game I'm wondering what's the idea standing behind it, why developer decided that the game looks and works like this. So how it is with GRIS - what do you want to tell the player?

Above everything else, we wanted each player to take something unique and personal from GRIS. We designed it as an open to interpretation work. Sure, we have scattered symbols and clues across the game, but it's the player job to find, connect and understand them however they wish.

GRIS will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch. Why those specific platforms?

We want to reach as many people as possible with GRIS. Given this, PC was the obvious choice. Switch really clicked with us (pun intended) as the console that fit our game the most, both mechanically and aesthetically.

And what about PS4 and Xbox One?

It mostly depends on the reception our project gets, but we might consider a release. We don't promise anything though.

I'm interested in the development process of Switch versions of the game. Have you had to change something in comparison to PC version?

There hasn't been any significant changes - both versions are basically the same in most respects.

Can you tell more about technical aspects of Switch version (resolution, frame rate in docked and handheld mode)?

The game runs at 720p in portable mode and 1080p when docked at 60 fps both.

Is your game going to use any of special Switch functions like HD Rumble or motion control?

No, the game doesn't use those functions.

So are you planning to add any of those features in the future? HD Rumble would be a nice addition to see in your game.

We won't be adding these kinds of features. We believe that they aren't necessary to fulfill our creative vision, nor they do particularly fit in this case.

I understand. Okay, so here’s the last question - are there any plans for physical release of the game?

Again, we can't promise on anything, but if the reception is good, sure, why not?

Once again thank you for your time. Hope to see your title in first Top 3 at Nintendo eShop next week .

GRIS will be releleased on PC and Nintendo Switch on 13th of December 2018.

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