Interviews with game developers

Interviews with game developers

Second part of Hollow (Polish sci-fi survival horror) will soon be available on Nintendo Switch. Will Hollow 2 be in any kind different then the first game? I asked about it creators of the game.

There are games and there are Games - unique titles, which are detailed, delight user and are talked for a long time. And everything seems that GRIS will be such title.

On November 28th Nintendo Switch owners will be able to play a game, which is a tribute to the arcade racing games of the 90s. What creators are saying about their title?

Interview with Anton Kudin, creator of "MegaSphere" game.

Interview with George Perkins from Super Rare Games

Interview with Eva Gaspar, CEO Abylight Studios which is working on "Hyper Light Drifter" port for Nintendo Switch.

Interview with Eduardo Fornieles, director of "Narita Boy" game.