"Our aim is to help support the most loved digital only games"

"Our aim is to help support the most loved digital only games"


Interview with George Perkins from Super Rare Games

Super Rare Games, Limited Run and Signature Edition are one of many companies that bring physical edition of indie games for Nintendo Switch. They are limited in stock (only few thousand for whole world) with extra goodies inside. Dual cover, full color manual, cards, stickers, etc. It all depends on the creativity of publisher. Sure, such editions are more expensive than digital copies, but you know what you are paying for.

Last week Super Rare Games has announced nine new titles that is going to publish as physical release: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Worms: WMD, Mutant Mudds, Steredeen, both parts of Knights of Pen & Paper, Fairune collection, N++ and The Adventure Pals. I always wanted to know how the process of publishing indie game as physical release looks like, so I decided to contact with them and ask them for a small interview. George Perkins, who has title "Head of Doing Stuff" in his email footer, answered to my questions.

What is the story and idea behind Super Rare Games?

We formed to help indie developers get their games on the shelves of the fans but also their own! When we first started the idea, we were the only one intent on bringing physical media to the platform. Our aim is to help support the most loved digital only games but also the ones that people may have missed.

How do you choose games that will be published as physical release?

We work very closely with the community to work out which ones people most want! Additionally, we are avid gamers and like to choose our favourite games. Often the two cross-over and we have the ideal situation!

Can you describe how the whole process of publishing physical release of indie game looks like?

For the Nintendo Switch, the technical requirements are fairly low. The main difficult arises from creating a marketing plan and helping the games reach a completely new audience. Luckily, every day our community grows and we have helped create a group of individuals who all love physical media.

Is cooperation with Nintendo an easy one or rather though one?

We work exclusively on the switch and the process has been very fun with them! They are an amazing bunch of people and is very easy to work with them.

Nowadays games are published as a sole cartridge in a box, even without the manual. But you are adding extra goodies (like stickers, cards, etc.) to your releases, like in old days. Do you think modern gamers are appreciating it? Or is it rather tip of the hat to older gamers who remember big boxes of Amiga/PC games with extras?

I think there is a fine line with extra content. We like to create packages which are fun to unbox and have a group of items which all have a usage. A lot of time goes into packing each game and our fans definitely appreciate that!

Recently you have announced 9 games that will have physical release. But something tells me that it's not all your plans - am I right?

We have a few big surprises coming up! We aren't done yet!

So I'm impatiently waiting for your next announcements. Thank you for your time

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