"I work hard to keep it top notch"

"I work hard to keep it top notch"


Interview with Anton Kudin, creator of "MegaSphere" game.

Recently I found a new indie game in development - MegaSphere. It's a sci-fi theme procedural action platformer. You play as a special ops combat unit sent to investigate why the stars around Solar System are going dark in MegaSphere. Check the trailer for this game below:

The game is still in development, but you can grab it thanks to Steam Early Access for PC and Mac.

I decided to interview Anton Kudin, author of the game, to tell me a little bit about this little gem. Have a nice read!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Anton Kudin and I'm an accomplished graphic and UI designer with over a decade of experience. After working at TV station, as webdesigner and freelancer, eventually I decided to create games on my own.

What was the first game you remember playing?

I've no idea! But it was something on ZX Spectrum my dad got us. Maybe Harrier Attack?

What was your inspiration for MegaSphere?

I saw Noel Berry making Skytorn on Twitch, that's when I really decided I should try making a game. Theme-wize Tsutomi Nihei's manga Blame! was a huge inspiration for the game.

Recently there are many indie games that are taking from metroidvania genre by the handful. How's your game different from the others?

First of all, I'm not aiming for a genre. Its not a strict metroidvania, but it shares some similarities.

I tend to focus a lot (sometimes too much) on visual aspect and that's where I think it stands out most.

MegaSphere is done in Unity. On the first glance it looks like it's all retro style (that 16-bit feeling). But after seeing it in action on the newest trailer we can see a lot of dynamic lighting and other special effects. Was it hard for you to mix pixelart elements with those "modern" effects?

Not hard, but sometimes tedious. To keep with pixelart aesthetic you can't really scale your assets and rotations sometimes is undesirable. Not to mention each sprite or object has 4 separate maps, so I have to do a lot more work making sure it all works nice in any light environment.

How many people are engaged in creating this game?

I'm working fulltime and 3 other people occasionally provide their help (writing and music).

From which element of your game you are the most proud of?

Definitely level of polish. I work hard to keep it top notch to provide players with the best experience I can. Coming from graphic and interface design background its very important for me.

When are you going to publish final version of MegaSphere?

Is "when it's done" ok for you?

Well, do I have any choice? (laughs) But back to my questions - right now the game is available on Steam in early access stage (Win/Mac/Linux). Do you have any plans for console version?

If stars align, I will put it to all platforms and store fronts across the universe.

In your opinion - what's the best and the worst thing in being an indie developer?

Being part of great development community feels amazing. Life's too short to care about bad things.

Thank you for your time. And good luck with finishing your game.

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