"Hollow 2 is built on players' opinions"

"Hollow 2 is built on players' opinions"


Second part of Hollow (Polish sci-fi survival horror) will soon be available on Nintendo Switch. Will Hollow 2 be in any kind different then the first game? I asked about it creators of the game.

In first Hollow I really liked the atmosphere this game had. There were some elements that could be done better of course, but overall I spent good time with this game. And I hope that Hollow 2 will be just better. What other changes can we expect? Below you can read my interview with Artur Grzegorczyn (Creative Director) and Zbigniew Dębicki (president of the board) from Forever Entertainment S.A.

Hollow was originally developed for PC and after few months you have ported it to Nintendo Switch. This time, Hollow 2 will debut on Switch first. Why you made such decision?

Artur Grzegorczyn: The game was received on the Nintendo Switch extremely well, so we decided to appriciate the community that supported us. What's more, we have already learned that it will be much easier and faster for us to make the port from a console to a PC - rather than the other way round.

What we can expect from Hollow 2? Will there be any changes in game mechanics?

Artur Grzegorczyn: Yes and no. On the one hand, story-telling, the atmosphere of the world, and the hero won't change... On the other hand, we turned upside down what was the weakest point of the Hollow - action. It now differs tremendously and is focused on providing entertainment. The weapon system, AI, and the design of battle-based fragments are now made from scratch. Hollow 2, in contrast to the first game, is designed to not only tell a story but also to raise adrenaline and give pure satisfaction from killing the "Wanton" hordes. The game is much faster - this applies to both moving and actions.

Will there be differences in technical aspect (better graphics, visuals, etc.)?

Artur Grzegorczyn: As I mentioned, most of the game's mechanics have been rewritten or thoroughly rebuilt. We have also removed those that were unnecessary - such as blunt weapons. With a clear conscience, we can say that we are dealing with a project much improved and polished where it was needed. Hollow 2 from a technical point of view is a completely different game, built on the conclusions drawn from players' opinions and hardware reports.

What's the progress of development process? When you are planning to release Hollow 2?

Zbigniew Dębicki: We are currently in the testing phase and implementation of the last elements story-wise. This means that Hollow 2 will be available in the nearest future, perhaps in the first quarter of this year.

Are you planning to release demo version of Hollow 2 to convince more people to buy full version?

Zbigniew Dębicki: This time we do not plan to release a demo. With the first game it was a necessary move, so that the potential player could personally check "what is Hollow".

Few weeks ago first part of Hollow was released in Japanese Nintnedo eShop. Japanese market is rather specific so I'm curious how your game is prospering there.

Zbigniew Dębicki: The game was received quite positively. Hollow even got featured in Famitsu!

Congratulations. So we are waiting for release day of your game now - I hope it will be pretty soon. Thank you for your time.

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